Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse

Watercolor painting of Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse near Portland, Maine
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20 x 26 Watercolor on Crescent Board

When I moved to back to New England and settled in Maine in 2001 I rediscovered my fascination with lighthouses.

I have painted some Southern Maine’s more recognizable lighthouses, like Portland Head Light and Cape Neddick Light, but think this one may be my favorte

Ram Island Light is not as picturesque as Southern Maine’s more famous lighthouses, but it has all the qualities of a romantic New England Lighthouse for me. It’s off shore, on a barren rock island, and protects ships from a dangerous ledge at the entrance to a major bay.

Instead of doing a straightforward landscape with a lighthouse, I wanted to give the sense of the lighthouse as a symbol of protection and safety. THis is why I placed Ram Island Light in the middle of a fictional, almost surrealistic storm.

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