Viva – Portrait From Life

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Portland, Maine singer and entertainer, Viva, sat for our Sunday Morning portrait group. This was my first foray back into doing life portraits in full color. I was originally doing them in black and white because we only have 2 and a half hours with our model and color adds a lot of time. I’m happy with the way this one came out though and look forward to using color in the future.


Cecilia watercolor portrait
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8×10 watercolor pencil on Crescent board.

This portrait of Saint Cecilia was painted for an upcoming collaborative show about the stories behind classic songs named for women.

Paul Simon wrote this song over a period of time, first coming up with rhythm, then the guitar part and melody finally the lyrics, which aren’t about anything or anyone in particular but rather a “little piece of magical fluff.”

He did not write the song about anyone specific, but was aware at the time that Cecilia was the Patron Saint of Music. The painting is loosely based upon her iconography.


Watercolor portrait of young woman at train station
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8×10 watercolor pencil on Crescent board.

This painting is for a show I’m participating in. The theme is the real women who inspired classic rock songs. This piece is about the woman who inspired the Tom Jones’ hit, Delilah. The original inspiration of the writer was a girl he had a summer fling with when he was 15 years old. At the end of the summer on her way back home she told him she had a boyfriend and their relationship was over. That was the moment I wanted to capture.

A Fortier off Oaks Bluff

Great ACKpectations Boat Portrait
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18×24 watercolor pencil on Crescent board.

A boat portrait of a Fortier boat named Great ACKpectations cruising past Oaks Bluff on Martha’s Vineyard. The boat’s name comes from the airport code for Nantucket Municipal Airport, “ACK”.

The boat was originally called “Manhattan Express,” but the client who commissioned it did a disappearing act after it was finished. A collector who saw it on instagram asked if she could by it, but as long as I changed the name.